About Us

Welcome to the ISA South India Section, one of the oldest and most established ISA sections with over 30 years of experience in instrumentation engineering. We are proud to have a right blend of academicians and industrial specialists, including several Doctorates in Instrumentation engineering. Our diverse group of industrial specialists bring expertise from various core verticals such as Petrochemical, Cement, Pharma, Power, and Water/Wastewater.

Many of our members are ISA fellows and awardees, making our section one of the most prestigious and sought after within the Asia Pacific District. We also have two specialists in IT/OT domain space, adding a new dimension to our expertise.

Our rich and experienced workforce works seamlessly with young and dynamic professionals, enabling us to consistently deliver high-quality services and solutions to our members. We are dedicated to advancing the knowledge and understanding of instrumentation engineering through seminars, workshops, and training programs.

ISA South India Section is part of the Asia Pacific District, which includes 12 sections across four countries. We are proud to represent South India alongside Bangalore, Delhi, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Maharashtra, and Pune. We are also excited to be part of a larger community that includes sections in Brisbane, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other parts of the Asia Pacific region.

Join us today to be a part of a vibrant community of professionals committed to advancing the field of instrumentation engineering.

Meet the EC Team 2022-23

President (3130) *Mr. Jayaharan C J
President-elect (3150)Mrs. Jamuna Saiganesh
Secretary (3250)Mr. A. Prabhakaran
Treasurer (3350) *Mr. Gopinath PS
Delegate (1370)Mr. S. Vijayan
Program Chair (0950)Mr. Sarang Saraf
Education Chair (1350)Dr. J. Prakash
Membership Chair (0790)Mr. Shaji Vinod
Newsletter Editor (2970)Mr. A. Prabhakaran
Webmaster (3420)Mr. T. Pragadheeshwaran
Exhibit Chair (0430)Mr. Siva Subramanian
Marketing Chair (1010)Mr. Gopinath PS
Publications Chair (0970)Mr. Chandran
Standards & Practices (1150)Mrs. Jamuna Saiganesh
Honors & Awards (0510)Mr. Vijayan S
Historian (1990)Dr. Uppu Ramachandraih
Student Section Liaison (2870)Dr. Siva Kumar and Mr. Siva Subramanian
Section-Division Liaison (2850)Mr. Jayaharan C J
Past Section President (3090)Mr. S. Vijayan
Young Professional Mr. Vidhurar
Other (2950) Specify Mr. P. M. Kannan