Student’s Section

What is ISA’s Student Section?

Student Sections meet regularly on campuses throughout the world. Section involvement offers an opportunity to participate in a variety of useful programs and activities and to develop leadership skills. If a student section is not located on your campus and you are interested in learning more on how to start a student section at your college or university kindly reach us.

Why Students?

Students can come to automation from a variety of backgrounds and academic programs. It is sometimes difficult for you to find programs that concentrate on automation as a career or specialty. This potential variety can create challenges for students like you that are not seen in many areas of studies.

The essence of automation is that it is a multidisciplinary art, not a single discipline. You are required to know a lot about many things to function as an automation professional. Automation studies are rarely centered in one department. Automation students and faculty on a campus could come from any number of engineering areas. That means that published findings could appear in a number of journals and presented at a myriad of scientific conventions. This diversification makes it extremely difficult for students to stay current on the newest findings. It also means that you need to have a very open outlook on what will make you a good automation professional.

The ISA web site helps students more easily stay current on research without attending numerous expensive conventions or wading through non-automation related literature for the useful gems. Also, students can find the conferences they should attend to both gain information and networking possibilities, which can lead to job possibilities.

The ISA web site contains the Automation Body of Knowledge, from the very basics of sensors and controls to the most detailed industrial networking, enterprise integration, cyber security and safety information. When you have digested that Body of Knowledge, you will be ready to be a Certified Automation Professional, and you can find the tutorials and test materials here to help you.

Institutes who are associated with us

Madras Institute Of Technology, Chennai

St. Joseph’s College of Engineering, Chennai

PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore

Notable Activities of the Section

  • President Mr Sai Ramesh Inaugurated the Student Section at AVIT (Arupadai Veedu Institute of Technology ) in Feb 2011. He delivered a talk on DCS and Instrumentation Systems for Refinery. Also Mr. Vijayan, ISA member delivered a presentation on Engineering Design for power boiler instrumentation.

  • Mr. Vijayaraghavan visited PSG college of Technology on 3rd Feb and Kumaraguru College of Technology on 4th Feb 2011 and delivered guest lectures and “Importance of Measurement, controls and automation and their applications in Industry; Types of jobs available for Instrumentation Engineers”.

  • ISA Students Meet (National level conference) was conducted at Sathyabama University in March 2011

  • ISA Student chapter was Inaugurated at Velammal Engineering by President Elect Mr. Vijayaraghavan in March 2011

  • ISA Student Leadership Meet 2011 was conducted at Sri Sairam Engineering in March 2011. Mr.Renuka Prasad of Bangalore Section participated in the same and presented the activities of ISA Bangalore student sections.

  • SRM University conducted a National conference and symposium – DOKINCE’11 in March 2011. “The boom in Information Technology has caused a loss of interest in core engineering subjects, which contribute a lot to the development of a nation,” observed Dr. T.P.Ganesan, Pro Vice Chancellor, SRM University. He said this at the inaugural ceremony of DOKINCE’11, the biennial technical symposium of the Departments of Instrumentation and Control & Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. DOKINCE stands for ‘Dissemination of Knowledge in Instrumentation and Control Engineering’, and this year’s edition proved to be an important platform for the spreading of knowledge. Dr. A.Vimala Juliet, the Head of the Departments of EIE and ICE, was in sync with Dr. T.P.Ganesan’s viewpoint that the field of instrumentation is best made use of by biomedical engineers. The symposium, which saw a participation of around 300 students, was inaugurated by chief guest, Mr. P. M. Kannan, Head Automation, Technip India. Mr. Kannan, who has an experience of more than 29 years in the field of Instrumentation, appealed to the students to form networks and utilize every opportunity that comes their way. He stressed upon the importance of instrumentation engineering in all industries, and said that the field of instrumentation includes a basic knowledge of all other branches of engineering. The valedictory function started late afternoon on the second day. Mr. V. Nagendran, Founder President & Chairman, Nagman Instruments and Electronics Pvt. Ltd., was the chief guest for the evening. He was accompanied by Mr. Renuka Prasad, Executive Director, Avarsala Technologies Ltd., Bangalore.  Both the guests shared their experiences and emphasized the importance and scope of the field of instrumentation. Mr. Nagendran gave away prizes to the winners of different events in DOKINCE’11.

  • ISA Charter was presented to the Federal Institute of Technology during Mr. Paul Grun’s talk on 26th Feb 2011. Subsequently Charter Presentation Day was organized at ISA FISAT on April 2, 2011 which was attended by Mr. Vijayaraghavan and Dr. Ranganath Muthu

  • An International Conference was conducted at SAINT GITS during April 7-9, 2011.

Saint GITS college of Engineering conducted a Safety Workshop in October/ November 2010. During this event, ISA Charter was presented to their student section

  • Actively participated in TIMA -2009 conference held on Jan 5 to 7th at Madras Institute of Technology by associating in committee meetings and  sponsoring some to the events. Dr. Murugesan , President ISASOIND , inaugurated. And Prof. Ragavachary inagurated. DR. Prakash, Dr. Ranganathan Muthu, Dr. Gopal and Mr. S. Vijayarghavan , chaired some of the sessions. 

  • Mr. S. Vijayaraghavan visited the following colleges :a) 18th of August 2008, Jaya Engineering college and briefly explained ISA ACTIVITIES and also delivered a lecture on Power plant instrumentation arranged by Dr. Kalarani HOD, EIE b)On 6th December 2008, delivered a lecture on Heat exchangers and their controls at Madras Institute of Technology , Chromepet arranged by Dr. Prakash c) On 22nd Dec 2008 at St. Joseph Engg college delivered a talk on Process control for 3rd year BE students arranged by HOD, E&I Dept. In Feb 2009, at Sairam Engg. College on Importance of PFD and P&I Diagrams for Process Industries arranged by Dr. Mangayarkarasi, HOD, I&C.

  • Dr. Ranganathan Muthu conducted a symposium in SSN engg college in Feb 2009, ISA SOIND actively participated . Dr . Murugesan delivered the address. Dr. Gopal, Dr. Prakash and Mr. Vijayaraghavan chaired some of the technical sessions.

  • ISA STUDENT MEET for 2009 was held at SRM ENGG college on April 09 as full day event by DR. Vimala Juliet within a short notice of 15 days. ISASOIND EC members participated the sam;. DR, S. Renganathan delivered the inaugural address, DR. Ranganathan Muthu, explained about the ISASOIND activities and benefits of membership, Mr. Sairamesh from Tchnip delivered a talk on Project Engineering, Dr. Prakash gave a talk and Mr. Vijayaraghavan chaired technical sessions. The open forum and discussions ..was chaired by Dr. S. Renganathan and group members were, Mr. Sairamesh, DR. Ranganathan Muthu, Dr. Prakash, Mr. Swathanthra Kumar and Mr. Vijayaraghavan.